Make Bold Choices! How Do You Dare To Dip Into Something New?

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Are you living every day out loud?  We all have our moments—delicious life altering, and soul stirring.  My public relations work engages my passions, offering opportunities for such moments daily.  Workdays, accumulated decades in publicizing great events and projects, are never the same—and there are now more ways than ever to convey a message across platforms far and wide.  It is never boring.

You would never know from this gorgeous hot air balloon photo I’m only a few hundred feet up in the air! I am grateful to Lori Malinski, who took this photo.  The Adirondacks Balloon Festival is one of the largest held on the east coast and the spot where I’ll be going in 2014.  And the Albuquerque NM Balloon Festival and this hot air balloon safari over Masai Mara in Kenya have some great images to inspire your next adventure.

Nancy Moon living boldly

Curiosity has been a great guide.  It shapes my Public Relations work as well as play; for what is life if not an adventure? This past year, surfing in Costa Rica with my husband, Steve, was bliss.  If you have young children take heart!  My friend, Jen with, arranged a family-friendly vacation to Costa Rica of active exploration.

Rested, post-vacation, I pursued a lifelong dream: learning how to ride a motorcycle safely and getting my license!  Sitting in class I envisioned myself on a mint green Vespa rather than a Harley—and instead of Rome, my scarf is waving in the wind as I motor around Connecticut.

What bold choices enhance your life?  Tell me about them! 

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  • Jacqueline Boone

    Absolutely love your opener, Nancy! That is a fantastic way to think about life, even for someone who think about it as much as I do. I’m going to sit with that tonight. Great content and photos as always! Maybe I should get a vespa… 😉

  • laura

    LOVn your surfing pic!! Wow!! Just spoke with a friend yesterday who is heading to Mexico and will be surfing. She loves it:) I must put that on my list for the next time I am in Hawaii:) Your blog – words and pics – are so inspirational!

    • Thanks, Laura. Here’s to doing all kinds of new things in 2014!

  • lorie weisinger

    love the motorcycle photo ,and of course the blog ,,xxxxooo

  • SusanKB

    Wasn’t the moon special to come out just when Nancy was waving from a hot air balloon. Talk about branding!!!

    • Oh Susan, thanks for noticing, it’s almost too perfect. The photographer did a great job catching that shot!

  • Suzi Banks Baum

    Bold choices? Living out loud in a blog enhances my life. Speaking truthfully instead of keeping my words under a basket enhances my life. My daughter and I invented “Do One New Thing Every Day” and while we don’t always do it together, this has changed the way I make choices, the routes I take walking to town, the food I eat, the way I engage with people. Zumba! Yes, Zumba was a bold choice that is now part of my week and brings me immense joy. Thank you for asking, Moon! Wonderful post! xo S

    • Oh how fun, “Do One New Thing Every Day”, I like that and want to join in! I agree with everything you say. When I view my world through my camera lens, I see things and do things I would never do. {note comment to you above this from @Laura}

  • laura

    Cool Suzi!! Love your reply!!
    And ohhhh Nancy Moon!! The vibe of your posts and what you are up to is always inspiring!! Hmmm…Lov’n it!!

    • Thank you, Laura. Your comments are beautiful. I’m having fun.